About Me

I am Benedict Hazel and live in Abingdon, Oxfordshire in England but am originally from Wandsworth, south London. I work as a software developer for a local IT company in Abingdon.

My computational work involves using a variety of platforms and languages, although I specialise in the Microsoft .NET stack and its primary languages of C#, Visual Basic and ASP.NET. I am also competent with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, languages seen as the next big thing in computing! More details of my computing interests and projects can be seen in the Computing section.

Despite my computing career, my academic background is in chemistry! I have a masters degree and PhD from the University of Sheffield specialising in inorganic and theoretical chemistry. My main interests are in computational chemistry and the use of modern techbology in the field. More details about my chemistry interests and PhD can be found in the Chemistry section.

Away from the science and the computers I have a great passion for music: I have played several musical instruments in my time and composed some music as well! I do some sport and am very keen with my Taekwondo! See the Music and Sport sections for more information.