I became interested in chemistry at the age of 12 and went on to do a masters degree and PhD! Below I have outlined some of my interests in the subject.

My main interests are in inrgoanic and theoretical chemistry although when I first got to university I was more of an organic chemist! I found physical chemistry hard and vowed never to follow it: my PhD was in quantum chemistry, about as physical as you could get!

During my PhD I was given the opportunity to assist in teaching undergraduates including: laboratory demonstrating, assisting students with their practicals or managing the more dangerous aspects of them such as being "mercury monitor"; and having my own 2nd year tutor group to work through tutorial questions set by the lecturers.


Big Squares: PhD Topic

A brief overview of metallomacrocycles and their interactions, the subject of my PhD.

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Computational Chemistry 2.0

Some opinions on the current state of computational chemistry and how it could be modernised.

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New Technologies

Could an Xbox One ever find its way into a laboratory? Some thoughts on unexpected tech in chemistry.

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A vision of how my visual impairment could be solved with a sci-fi twist!

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