I have always been interested in computers right from the age of 6 when my family bought a PC running Windows 3.1. I discovered programming when I was 11 with the BBC BASIC programming language. I got a copy of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 when I was 12, still one of the best Christmas presents ever!

As well as working as a software developer in my day job, I am quite a "hobbyist" at home as well! I specialise in the Microsoft .NET Framework on Windows using C# and Visual Basic for both desktop and web development including the Windows 8 and Windows Phone app ecosystems. I have also done Mac, iOS and Android development. On the web I develop with ASP.NET, which powers this site, and am compotent with raw HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Other interests are in operating systems, virtualisation and more recently hardware and low-level development. I am a proud owner of a Raspberry Pi although I got into the craze quite late!


Lost in Translation

What are these programming languages and what do I know about them?

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Programming Projects

Some of my software development projects ranging from full programs to code samples.

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Starting on my blog, some articles and tutorials about a range of computer topics make their way here!

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