I am musical, liking a variety of genres and playing several instruments. I have also composed some music as well!

It all started when I was 4 and, not enjoying gym, my mother asked me if wanted to play the piano instead. Anything was better than gym so I started the piano followed by the descant recorder a few years later. At secondary school I started the flute and treble recorder, a larger instrument than the descant, as well as two terms free tuition on the 'cello. Fun as it was, it proved I was a wind player! Several months before my GCSEs I started teaching myself the alto saxophone.

I have also sung tenor in choirs including the Sheffield University Chamer Choir and Students' Union Singers' Society.


Composition Scores

View and listen to some of my instrumental compositions.

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Four Forces

An electronic music album based on the four forces of nature.

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